What is mitis?

Malicious image tampering identification system (MITIS) is a solution for active protection of digital images against content forgeries, awarded silver medal by law enforcement experts during EUROPOLTECH 2013 expo.

MITIS protects digital images by embedding a carefully designed noise, similar to the one introduced by the camera sensor. Analysis of this noise allows for:
  • localization of malicious changes in the images’ content,
  • reconstruction of the approximate original appearance of the altered regions.
The reconstruction process is highly flexible, and can be configured to provide higher restoration fidelity or better robustness against content modifications.

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Image Protection

In order to exploit content authentication and reconstruction features, the images need to be protected first. Protection can be performed either automatically during acquisition, or manually using a separate service.

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Secure Archiving

The developed technology is intended for integrity protection during both transmission and archiving. Recipients of the images are automatically alerted by dedicated verification software when malicious tampering is detected. The images are then restored to their original appearance and a detailed report is automatically generated.

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Precise Tampering Localization

The ability to precisely identify altered fragments of digital evidence might provide invaluable forensic value. With MITIS, it becomes possible to verify the integrity of individual blocks of a digital image.

Original Content Reconstruction

One of the most compelling features of MITIS is its ability to restore the approximate original appearance of the altered image fragments. The reconstruction is based solely on the investigated image, and is possible up to approximately 67% of the tampered image area.